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Installing Boogaloo

Download file

  1. Unzip the file and save to a desktop folder.
  2. FTP or copy files to the root of your web directory.
  3. Open a browser and navigate to
  4. Verify directory permissions. verify directory permissions.png
  5. Set directory permissions.
    1. The ASP.NET user must give "modify" permissions (read, write, and delete access) for the following directories and subdirectories:
      1. App_Data
      2. Controls
      3. Masters
      4. Uploads
      5. For support on updating permissions on Microsoft folders, visit
    2. [image:database connection string.png]
  6. Fill in your DBO username and password by selecting "Create Connection String" and "Save."
  7. Open your database. Execute Database Scripts.png
  8. The file: /install/boogaloo_install.sql contains the SQL Server script that installs all of the database objects Boogaloo needs to run.
    1. Open a new database query.
    2. Install boogaloo_install.sql, select all text, and copy.
    3. Paste text into the new query window.
    4. Confirm that the correct database is selected (e.g., database = boogalooscrap). boogaloo scrap.gif
    5. Select "Execute."
    6. Close query window without saving.
    7. Repeat these steps for the file default_values.sql.
    8. Select "Finished executing the database" in the Boogaloo App.
  9. Type your web address into the browser, hit "Enter."
  10. Message should appear that reads "Delete the /install folder."
  11. Type your web address in the browser, followed by /admin.
  12. Complete Login and Configurations.

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