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Hosting Boogaloo

Through a Hosting Company

  • If you decide to host your site with a web hosting company, here's what you'll want to make sure they provide for you:
    • Windows Server
    • Support ASP.NET 3.5+
    • SQL Server 2005+: 1 database
    • Allow you to update permissions on folders yourself
  • Set your new hosting account
  • Have your host set up a SQL Server Database for your database
    • Request a DBO (Database Owner) user for your database
    • Write down the username and password they give you

Through a Personal Server

  • Web Server (IIS)
    • Create a new website in IIS
  • Database (SQL Server)
    • Create a database
    • Give it a name of your choice
    • Create a DBO user for this database with a full access

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