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Project description
Boogaloo is a customizable site creation framework and CMS built with the web designer in mind. Allows the designer to control almost every aspect of the HTML & CSS page by page. Developed in VB.NET and engineered to encourage compile on demand extensions in either C# or VB.NET.

Quick Start

Web Designers

Web Designers were a motivating factor in developing the Boogaloo application. Created for designers who want to produce standards compliant websites with semantic HTML mark up and valid Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in ASP.NET, every page generated in Boogaloo can have a unique design and nearly every piece of the markup is able to be manipulated by the designer.

Web Developers & Engineers

Boogaloo User Controls (Content Controls)

Custom User Controls & Extensions

Content Management Capabilities

Search Engine Optimization

  • Control over meta and title information for each page
  • Integrated Sitemaps


Class Library Overview

  • Boogaloo.Base - Configuration and base classes for object model
  • Boogaloo.Core - "Core" Boogaloo objects
  • Boogaloo.Admin - Administrative web pages and controls
  • Boogaloo.Syndication
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