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Listing.ascx and root-level page lists

first post: cssquirrel wrote: Currently, listing.ascx only supports listing the root level pages/...

Internal URL

first post: heatheralvis wrote: For each page in the admin, we have the design set to show the page...

General Question

first post: Dewey wrote: Is this CMS designed to support adding existing HTML files to it, a...

latest post: Dewey wrote: Thank you.

Version Number?

first post: cssquirrel wrote: How hard would it be to have a location in the admin where you coul...

latest post: rustyswayne wrote: You can see the version info by navigating to /rxd.axd

Mobile Support

first post: cssquirrel wrote: As we discussed earlier, Rusty, it'd be sweet to have some sort of ...

latest post: rustyswayne wrote: I will add this to the next version to do list. My initial thoughts...

Personalization of the Stylin'

first post: johnraasch wrote: How about a customization to permit folks to swap out the work Styl...

latest post: rustyswayne wrote: More people found it confusing than "fun".

How to Change Page Order

first post: naepalm wrote: Client Question: How do I manipulate the order of the pages?

latest post: naepalm wrote: Log into BoogalooClick PagesClick the down arrow beneath the Home n...

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